Download JDK/JRE Portable Zip

Use the captcha box below to download the Java Development Kit as a .zip file that can be used to compile java programs without an installation. You may unpack this to a USB flash drive, external harddisk, CD / DVD / Blu-ray media, or run it from any folder you'd like on your local system. The package also includes the matching Java Runtime Environment for the Windows operating system. These unofficial packages, based on the official release, are NOT supported by Oracle.

Simply run jpath.bat in a cmd window to auto-set JAVA_HOME, CLASSPATH, and PATH environment variables and use the javac.exe command-line compiler.

If you only need to run javac.exe from a single command prompt window, that's it, you are done.

To set the environment variables system-wide, for all windows
1. Right-click [My] Computer, and then click Properties. 2. Click Advanced [system settings]. 3. Click Environment Variables. 4. Click one the following options, for either a user or a system variable: * Click New to add a new variable name and value. * Click an existing variable, and then click Edit to change its name or value. * Click an existing variable, and then click Delete to remove it.

Variable name: JAVA_HOME should point to the top JDK folder. ex: Variable value: e:\jdk7

Variable name: CLASSPATH should include at least a dot "." ex: .;e:\jdk7\jre\lib\ext

Variable name: PATH should include the bin directories at the begining. ex: e:\jdk7\bin;e:\jdk7\jre\bin;c:\other\paths

...where e:\ represents the drive that the JDK is located on and jdk7\ represents the top-level folder that the Java Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment are located in.

Use this TYPE-IN captcha to access the portable jdk download
JDK/JRE version 7 (32-bit, also works on 64-bit)
JDK/JRE version 6
JDK/JRE version 5

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Malware, really?



Runs perfect!

Does it really work

please release a 64-Bit version

Perfect. Nice download

If you get an issue trying to download in google chrome, goto "Settings" -> "Show advanced settings..." -> UNCHECK "Enable phishing and malware protection"'s an issue with google NOT these files!

64bit version would be nice, nonetheless thanks for this one !!



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